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There are many reasons to put up a fence such as to provide privacy, to create an architectural or aesthetic feature in a garden, to protect the perimeter of a property, or to keep animals from straying. There are many different styles of fencing to choose from to fit any purpose. From wood to electric, Fence RI has what you are looking for.

Wood panel fences are what is commonly used for privacy and to delineate property lines when living in a neighborhood. They offer protection from traffic and trespassing and from animals entering the property or running out into the street from inside the property. The commonly come in eight foot sections that are 4 to 6 foot high. The boards have either a picket or a dog-eared style and can be painted or stained.

Post and rail is used for country or rustic design themes. It it often used to define a property line when living on a large ranch-style property. The rails are round or split and are 8 to 11 feet in length. The posts are typically 3 to 5 feet and can have two to three rails attached to them. This type of fence is often used to contain animals and can be used with poultry netting or wire stabled to it for better security and safety.

Vinyl fencing is a maintenance-free style that is similar to wood and rail but it will not rot, fade, or be effected by the weather. It is a good option for easy maintenance.

Chain link fencing as it is also known, is a low-cost way to enclose an area. It can be purchased in 25 foot to 100 foot rolls that come in 4 to 6 foot heights. There are ready-made gates in widths up to 5 feet. If one doesn’t care for the silver metal color of the chain-link, it can be ordered in either a brown or green vinyl coating that is weather-resistant. It is an excellent choice for penning in animals or creating dog runs.

Garden or utility fences are typically used to protect gardens from traffic. This style is available in 3 to 6 foot high rolls that are from 25 to 50 feet. They come with a vinyl coating, if desired, in either brown or green. It can be used with the post and rail style fence to contain animals on larger properties.

Poultry net, or chicken wire as it is most commonly called, is one of the most economical types of fencing available. This material is typically used to confine chickens, but it is great for keeping in rabbits, smaller dogs, and any other small animals.

Electric pet fencing is great for those who do not want a visible fence but want to contain their animals. A thin gauge wire, a collar, and a transmitter are used and work in an area of up to 25 acres. The pet wears the collar and if it gets too close to the perimeter of the fencing it will receive a signal through it. No matter what the choice, Fence RI can help select the best solution for any fencing needs.

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